Moffett Cemetery Headstones
Ellen infant daughter of John C. and Annie Henkel died 28 Aug 1878, aged 4 days

Francis E. consort* of Willis B. Moffett born 3 Apr 1831, died 21 Jan 1860, aged 28, 9 mo, 18 days

Our father Willis B. Moffett born 15 Dec 1821; died 8 Jun 1888, aged 66 yr, 5 mo, 23 days.

Infant son of David S and Mary Roller, stillborn 9 May 1887

Infant daughter of David S and Mary Roller, stillborn 11 June 1888.

“relict” = widow
“consort” = wife who died before her husband

The Moffett Cemetery is 1.9 miles West from I-81. Follow VA211 to Plains Mill Road (right turn at .9); follow Plains Mill (left .3) along the Shenandoah North Fork to the driveway on the left (.7) between the barn and the big white farmhouse. The graveyard is on the back right corner of the property.
Headstones: First Row (west side)North to South (right to left)

Our sister Sarah E. Moffett, born 26 Aug 1838, died 26 May 1874; age 35 yrs, 9 mo.

My husband George Moffett, son of Elder Anderson Moffett, died 19 Jan 1872, age 79 yrs, 9 mo, 19 da

Sacred to the memory of Barbara, Relict* of Elder Anderson Moffett, who died 9 Nov 1848, aged 90 yrs, 9 da
NEW HEADSTONE replaced by the Baptist History Preservation Society (2004):

Smith Creek Baptist Church
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est. 1756
Martha J. consort* of Henry Moffett born 11 Oct 1847 died 7 Sept 1873.

Henry Moffett born 11 June 1848; died 10 Mar 1907

Harry A. son of Henry and Martha J. Moffett aged 19 yrs, 1 mo, 27 days, died Dec 24, 1891.

HeadstonesSecond RowNorth to South (right to left)

Isaac Moffett, son of Elder Anderson Moffett decd. born 6 May 1797, died 6 Aug 1891

Catherine Moffett, daughter of Elder Anderson Moffett decd. born 28 Jan 1787, died 16 Feb 1870

Our mother Margaret Moffett born 11 Mar 1814, died 12 Aug 1882, aged 68 yr, 5 mo, 1 day

Anderson Moffett born 1 Dec 1793, died 18 June 1856

In memory of Major Henry Moffett born 3 Mar 1800; died 25 Aug 1841

In memory of Samuel Moffett died 8 Dec 1872 aged 83 yr, 1 mo, 13 day
Hannah wife of Samuel Moffett daughter of William Bryan died 25 July 1857, aged 56 – 9 – 1 day

Samuel Newman born 2 Mar 1779; died 31 May 1869

Our Mother Mary Newman born 9 Feb 1782; died 22 Dec 1872

Ann B. Newman born 14 July 1819; died 31 May 1907

Headstones: Third Row(East side) North to South (right to left)

John M. Newman born 25 Sep 1808; died 29 June 1869

Ethalinda T. Newman born 29 May 1804; died 19 Oct 1887

Russell son of John and Annie Henkel born 25 April 1890; died 26 Apr 1890

William Siram infant son of John and Annie Henkel 4 Nov 1879, aged 2 mo, 4 day

Here lies little Ann Elizabeth Mary daughter of John and Elizabeth Moffett, died 2 June 1845
a pious minister of the Regular Baptists, and for more than 50 years pastor of the Smith’s Creek Baptist Church. During the time that the Baptists were violently opposed and persecuted in the colonies, he was imprisoned in Culpeper county for preaching the Word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus. Before and after his confinement, he traveled and preached extensively, and the Lord giving testimony to the  word of his grace, made him instrumental in turning many from darkness unto light.
In memory of the many virtues of Anderson Moffett, who was for upward of 70 years pious minister of the regular Baptist Denomination, and for more than 50 years pastor of the Smith’s Creek Church. Born in Fauquier Aug 28th 1746 and died in Rockingham County, VA May 14th 1835.
In memory of the many virtues of Anderson Moffett, Born in Fauquier County, Virginia Aug 28th 1746. He died in Rockingham County, Virginia May 14th 1835. Moffett was for upward of 70 years