Smith Creek Baptist Church
9312 N. Congress Street   PO Box 99   New Market, VA  22844   540.740.8560
est. 1756
Our Mission beyond our home

Brandon and Laura Bowen - Baptist World Mission
Keith and Jeannette Cullers - Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Neil and Kelsie Cullers - Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Ron and Inga Neely - Cooks Chapel
Cullen Rast - Brazilian Evangelistic Association, COMEV
Mike and Tammy Ring - Global Fundamental Baptist Missions
Joey and Jenny Tacon - Baptist World Mission
Ross and Carolyn Trumble - Evangel Baptist Church
Caleb and Rebekah Wagner - Bibles International Baptist Mid Missions
Ron and Ann Washer - Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Atlantic Independent Baptist Fellowship - Church Planters
BBN Radio
Christian Law Association
Lighthouse Legal Ministries
Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists
WOTC Radio
Rapidan Baptist Camp   Kelly and Mary Earles