One of the few Historic Regular Baptists, est. 1756
Smith Creek Regular Baptist Church
9312 N. Congress Street   PO Box 99   New Market, VA  22844   540.740.8560
Seniors Day Out
Circus Big Top at Rapidan Baptist Camp, April 5th
Pastor Ben Smith and the Engleside Teens
2011 Pictures of Smith Creek
Junior Camp @ Rapidan Baptist Camp  June 13-17
Speaker: Mr. E (Earl Martin)
Harvest Festival - November 5
1PM - 3PM
ALL CHILDREN up Through 5th Grade
Postponed October 29 - 4 inches of SNOW!
Vacation Bible School   June 20 - 23
Round 'Em Up! for Western Daze!
Ketocton Association @ Smith Creek
August 19, 20, Celebrating 245 years!
Guest Speaker: John Adkerson, pastor at Smith Creek 1960-1961.
Anniversary Sunday, August 7
Celebrating 255 years, August 6, 1756
Speaker: Jack Masquelier, Pastor: 1964-1970
2011 Rapidan Staff at Smith Creek
Pastor, Jonathan, Deborah, Joshua, Jacob, Samuel, Caleb, Randall, Lindsey, Katelyn, Rebekah, Jennifer, Bethany, Kim, Alyssa, Katelyn
Pastor and the Lone Stranger with his trusty sword!one of our cowpokesone of our cowpokes
Anniversary Sunday  August 7, 2011  Celebrating 255 years!

We welcomed former pastor and wife Jack and Gladys Masquelier and their family from South Carolina, children Sue and Tim.  Jack pastored here from 1964 - 1970. He preached the morning and evening service. Sue, Tim and his wife Jennifer provided special music. The day was a great blessing!

Prime Timer's      October 6     @ Rapidan Baptist Camp
Speaker: Pastor Perry Forrester
CHURCH PICNIC @ Lost River State Park
June 18
Always a kid at heart!Learning from the best at bouncing in the moon bounce!
Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner and Praise ServiceNovember 22
6:30 at the American Legion